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Google ReviewsAl C. –

” I needed my 2004 radiator support fixed so a new condensor could be installed. A nearby shop told me the support was rusted beyond repair and quoted $2,000 for the job, but felt it could be more. I waited several months contemplating the expense. After deciding to get a few more quotes, Bud Souder was my choice. Not only did he assure me that the support couldn’t be so rusted that it wasn’t repairable, his estimate was also much more realistic and reasonable. He completed the work without hassle and came in just under his estimate. Everything is back in order!”


Google ReviewsNick S. –

” I was devastated when I scratched up my brand new car and so I took it to Kelley and Souder and they did a great job repairing the scratches free of charge. My car looked brand new and you couldn’t even tell there were scratches on it before. Thank you Kelley and Souder.”


Google ReviewsCollin K. –

“My daughter’s heavily modified van was hit from behind and the place we brought it to could not repair it. We called Kelley and souder and they towed the vehicle to their shop and had it returned to us in 4 days (that is counting the weekend, Easter weekend) in pristine condition. Highly recommend them.”


Google ReviewsJuanita M. C. –

” In February 2014, I took my candy apple red Benz to Bud Souder at Kelly & Souder. Excellent professionalism, service, very friendly and handled everything completely with my insurance company. The only thing I had to do was bring my car to their facility. The repair was gorgeous and looks like it is brand new. Highly recommend. :)”


5starsJohn O. –

“I strongly recommend Kelly and Sounder to anyone that needs to have their car repaired, whether it is from an accident or like my wife, the result of hitting something that fell off a truck on Rt. 422.”


5starsTammie Z. –

“A friend recommended Kelley and Souder and I took a ride to their shop. From the time I walked through the door I felt at ease. I was greeted by Bud Souder immediately and he listened, was genuinely concerned and understood how I was feeling.”


5starsJason F. –

“I had just purchased my first car and within a week someone side swiped me. Kelley and Souder helped me work with my insurance company and got my car back on the road fast.”


5starsLaurie F. –

“Insurance claims are always a pain, especially when you are a new driver. When my son was in an accident with his new Maxima I went back to the collision repair shop our family has used for years. Kelley and Souder’s Collision Service helped my son every step of the way. Bud Souder took the time to help my son understand what was going on every step of the way. Thanks Bud, we couldn’t ask for better customer service.”


5starsTina R. –

“Having an accident is stressful enough, but going to your collision center should not create stress also. At Kelley and Souder’s you can be guaranteed that your car and your state of mind are in good hands. Bud Souder and his staff are professional, accommodating and experts at auto collision repair. I recommend Kelley and Souder’s to everyone I know. “